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Prowler Heaven specializes in only the finest, collector quality, low mileage Plymouth Prowlers, Chrysler Prowlers and Chevrolet SSRs. Maintaining a selection of the most desirable examples of these remarkable vehicles sets Prowler Heaven apart as THE go-to Chrysler Prowler, Plymouth Prowler and Chevy SSR destination.

In the Prowler Specs and SSR Specs sections of the website include detailed information on manufacturing, together with total production numbers by color and by year.


 Since the last Prowler rolled off the assembly line almost seven years ago and because Prowlers were manufactured in limited quantities, low mileage mint examples are getting harder and harder to find. While prices have been edging up over the last several years, near future Prowler prices are positioned to escalate more rapidly.

All Prowlers receive a thorough test drive to substantiate drivability and performance. Every one is then completely detailed, all systems and accessories are checked, weak gas struts, broken hood clips, etc. are replaced. All done as required prior to the sale insuring the delivery of a fresh, mint condition Prowler.

Each include owners manuals together with any available documentation, custom Prowler mats and a reproduction of the Prowler CD. read more>>>

 The Chevrolet SSR truck was manufactured from 2003 thru 2006. It is one of the only convertible pickup trucks ever manufactured and is truly one of the best examples of a retro style vehicle. I specialize in the 2005-2006 models.

These trucks were manufactured with the 6.0 liter V8 Corvette motor. These years also offered such options as six speed manual transmissions, two tone paint schemes, chrome interiors, etc.

Because of their unique convertible retro design, corvette power, coupled with the low production numbers of the 05 and 06 models, we believe that these trucks will become a future collectible, especially the mint low mileage examples. read more>>>

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